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All parts include our 90 day parts replacement warranty.

Install our parts with confidence! Ask about the best extended warranty available in Southern California. With our extended warranty if the part fails within the warranty period we will replace the part and pay the labor to have the part installed again. Imagine getting paid to install the part a second time. You will never have to gamble with used parts again when you select our 1 year or 3 year parts and labor warranty.  Don’t buy another used part without trying it today!


90 Day Warranty

It is good to cover the basics, our parts are great but just in case things don’t go as planned you are not alone. If the part fails we will replace or repair your part within 90 days of purchase. The basics only covers the part, so you are on your own for any labor cost.

One Year Warranty

We got your back! This optional warranty covers the part and the labor to reinstall the part for 1 year from purchase. We will replace or repair your part for up to 1 year. We understand that it was expensive to install your part the first time, with this warranty it is you who gets paid if it needs to be reinstalled. We pay $75 per hour based on industry flat rate time.

Three Year Warranty

We know you only want the best! We are in this together for the long haul. The part is covered for 3 full years with the best warranty. Of course we pay you to reinstall the part. This is the vest best warranty available on recycled parts anywhere. Recycled parts are now risk free auto parts.